About our App

Who We Are

Beebizy is a kids-event planning application that connects talent & entertainment with parents. We have all the essential party categories from cake artists to Costume Characters. We specialize in connecting parents with top talent in their area and creating a marketplace that serves as a platform for businesses to gain new clientele.

Why We Started

Beebizy was started out of the frustration of not having a platform that was trustworthy, upfront, and user-friendly during the party planning process. We also wanted a place to empower small businesses by providing them a FREE space to display their work for interested and paying customers. These two basic principles started Beebizy and still serve in guiding us towards completing our mission to help businesses and parents connect. 

Meet The Team

photo of a woman, Laila Marshall, in a grey Beebizy shirt. She is standing in front of a yellow and white background.

Laila Marshall

CEO & Founder

Laila graduated USC during the recession and knew that she had to work extra hard to make sure she pursued any kind of opportunity possible. She started her career as an intern with Universal Music Group handling part of their marketing department. A few years later, she joined her father’s business in the healthcare industry. Here, Laila managed the branch for on-demand healthcare staffing, while pursuing her MBA at Pepperdine University. In the meantime, Laila wished there was a platform that equally empowered entrepreneurs and clients. Laila always lived by “if you do what you love, the rest will follow.” She wants happier people on this planet doing what they love and making a living from it. Equally, she wanted to save clients’ time with a streamlined platform that could get to pricing, reviews, and profiles within 3-4 clicks. And that is where Beebizy was born.

photo of a man, James Min, in front of black background. He is wearing a white Beebizy shirt.

James Min

Project Manager

With an incredible background in finance, James has been able to come in and be a Tour de Force at Beebizy! James handles all the app development tasks for Beebizy, and makes sure that our clients always have the best experience and most up-to-date application!

Kimberly Shapiro

Marketing/Event Coordinator

Kimberly is a hard-working and Beebizy certified "cool mom", who is here to make sure events at Beebizy go smoothly. When Kimberly isn't saving the office and company from party disaster she enjoys country music, family time, and crafts.

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