Kids Party Entertainment Ideas

I think we can all agree that keeping your kids entertained is no easy feat.

So how do you manage putting 15 of them together without risk of hearing

“This is booooring!”

on repeat for 3 hours? Beebizy Marketing & Event Coordinator (and Mom of 2), Kimberly Shapiro, weighs in with her top ideas for keeping those little ones bizy!

For the Frugal

When it comes to birthdays, I love a solid theme, good food, coordinated favors, and a LOW budget. However, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to spend money on a party, that’s why I try to focus my budget on one main aspect. For example, maybe you would prefer to hire a party pro to take care of dessert, or a balloon artist to handle décor. If that’s the case, hop on Beebizy for your vendor and then utilize the following entertainment options as well. Some of my favorite forms of entertainment are VERY budget friendly! That’s right, there are plenty of low cost ideas to keep the party goers amused:

Location is key!

If you’re able to, try throwing a party at the beach, community pool, or park. Spend a few bucks on sand toys, pool noodles, or bubbles (Hellooooo, dollar store!) and I swear, the kids will go CRAZY! My daughter lives for the beach so we set up a few canopies for shade, brought in some yummy food, and provided plenty of sand toys . . . her friends and cousins loved it! We didn’t need to organize any games, crafts, or other super involved activities; we let the beach be the entertainment!


The internet is a wonderful place (usually) and can provide so many different game options to play with the littles. You can focus on ones that don’t require a lot of expensive gear or elaborate rules to keep it low maintenance. Here’s a few favorites in our family:

  • balloon juggling – blow up 3 balloons and have each child see how long they can keep all 3 from touching the ground; longest time wins!
  • apple stacking – it sounds silly, but see how many apples each guest can stack before their tower falls; tallest tower wins!
  • the floor is LAVAAAAA – set out various objects to act as safe zones, such as chairs, pillows, rugs, etc. and let those kids get their energy out while avoiding the lava!
Treasure hunts!

This one especially great if your event caters to pirates and their swashbuckling buddies. It’s easy! Just hide a box (or bag) of goodies and write out a list of clues or draw a map to help direct the kids to the treasure. You can make it more or less difficult to fit the ages of the guests, so get creative! I also like to think of the treasure chest as a replacement for a piñata; plus, it usually takes longer and is less messy than a typical piñata!


I recognize most people don’t just own these fun, colorful parachutes; however, a sheet can often work just as well! This activity is great for the younger crowd; toddlers go CRAZY for parachute activities. Let them hide under it, let them launch their favorite stuffed toys into the air with it, let them stand in the middle and dance to some upbeat music. Whatever keeps them happy!


For the Moderate Spender

I get it; how are you supposed to throw a party for your precious baby and NOT spend money? It’s practically impossible. So for those of you that budgeted to have money to put towards entertainment, in addition to cake/décor/etc., check out these ideas for your next event:

Hire someone!

No shame in the delegation game, folks. Hire someone from Beebizy to entertain the littles for an hour or so and really be the talk of the town, while also enjoying your own party. Some of our go-to options are:

balloon twisters

face painters

costume characters

magicians &

bubble shows

Craft bar!

Kids love messes, and what’s messier than crafting kids? The answer is nothing, absolutely nothing. Check out the local craft store and stockpile supplies; lay it out for the kids and let them have at it! Paint, markers, stickers, glitter, clay . . .  it’s all perfect. Bonus points if you buy some men’s undershirts for them to wear as smocks. The other parents will thank you!

Bounce House!

If I have to explain bounce houses to you, you’re in the wrong place. But Seriously, there’s no better way to get energy out and keep kids busy than a giant inflatable bouncer.

Kids Musician!

There are plenty of musicians that cater to kiddos. Book a show for a fun, interactive, and engaging experience that the whole party will love!

*slowly slips into childhood memories of listening to Raffi*

For the Big Spenders

If you’re okay spending even more on the entertainment at your party, there’s a truck load of options for you:

Hire someone!

Okay, I know it’s the same as above; however, there are so many different options out there to fit every budget. Video game trucks (load the kids up to play video games for a couple hours), mobile makeover (let the whole crew get their nails, hair, and make-up done by the pros), or superhero makeovers (let your little become a superhero) are all great options to throw a unique party.

Amusement parks!

Depending on the age of your child, amusement parks (or zoos, aquariums, or carnivals/fairs/etc.) can be a great day out to celebrate! Between tickets for everyone, food, souvenirs, and other various expenses, this activity can definitely add up. However, it does take out the stress of planning the details of an event; so maybe it’s a fair trade-off?


Go big or go home, right? Maybe you want to skip the party altogether and treat your birthday babe to a vacation, just for them. Weekend in a family-friendly city, an all-inclusive cruise, or a family road trip to that one special place they’ve always wanted to visit. All great options! Again, the price can add up, depending on what exactly you do, but the memories made and lack of guests can often make up for it.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, we understand that each family has a different budget; however, that doesn’t mean your party has to suffer! So whether you’re spending nothing or A LOT on entertainment, you have options. Beebizy works hard to bring you easier access to different forms of entertainment, for any budget; start planning ahead to get the most bang for your buck and make sure to check back here for even more party ideas!


Submitted by:

Kimberly Shapiro – Marketing & Event Coordinator at Beebizy


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