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Balloon Artists

At Beebizy, we make it extremely easy to find the perfect balloon décor for any occasion. Whether you are looking for the perfect POP of color for your baby shower or need to celebrate your kids amazing achievement we have the balloon artists that you have been dreaming of. Simply download the Beebizy app on your Apple or Android device, sign-up, and begin browsing some of our amazing balloon artists in your area! We are sure that you will be blown away by some of the amazing stylings of the artists on our app! 

Costume Characters

Beebizy offers many different types of kids costume character services such as:  

  • Superheroes 
  • Princesses 
  • Kids Costume Characters 
  • Popular TV Characters 
  • Popular Movie Characters 
  • Dinosaur Characters 

Book kids costume characters on the Beebizy app!

Face Painters

Whether you are looking for the perfect mask to compliment your costume or you feel like letting out a big ROAR! Let the face painters on the Beebizy app bring a bit of sparkle to your event with professional and safe face painting services done by professionals in your area! Simply download, sign-up, and start searching for the face painter in your area that is going to be the highlight at your kids next birthday party or celebration! 

Soft Play & Inflatables

Don’t fret about what you are going to do for your little one’s birthday! Now here by popular demand we have Soft Play on the Beebizy app. With the growing trend of Soft Play and bounce houses at kids birthday parties, your little ones can enjoy a soft and safe environment to roam and play in while getting some much needed exercise and mental stimulation. We love Soft Play here at Beebizy, so go ahead and download the Beebizy app for your Apple or Android device and search for Soft Play and Bounce Houses in your area! 

Cookie & Cake Artists

Regardless of the type of dessert you need for your event, Beebizy has it all! From cake pops and cookies to candy buffets and ice cream; find vendors to sweeten up your next party. 

Slumber Party Rentals

The days of throwing on a movie and leaving the kids to fend for themselves is over! At Beebizy, we believe that sleepovers and slumber parties are the Bees-knees and know that you will too! That is why we added Slumber Party Rentals as a service on our app! You can simply download the Beebizy app for Apple or Android devices, sign-up, and book a Slumber Party Rentals vendor near you. 

two images next to each other, both with a yellow border. the image on the left is of 3 children's tents next to each other. the closes tent is pink, the middle one is green, and the furthest is blue. the tents have lights strung on the edges of them and a mattresses with blankets underneath each tent. there is also white lanterns and pillows at each tent. the image on the right is of a little girl smiling as she sits under a white tent. she is wearing a unicorn headband.

Caricature Artists

Now you can bring the fun and entertainment of street side buskers to your party or corporate event! Caricature artists are an amazing addition to any type of celebration. Search, book, and pay for caricature artists at your next event by downloading and signing-up on the Beebizy app. 

Puppet Show

It’s about time that you upgraded story-time with an amazing Puppet Show performed by one of Beebizy’s awesome Puppet Show Masters! Keep your kids engaged and learning with amazing puppet shows near you. Simply download, sign-up, and search on Beebizy to find the next amazing Puppet Show to take your next celebration to the next level. Make your memories magical with Beebizy! 


Where will event be held?
Please be as specific as possible; including date, time, theme, etc.